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Measuring Instruments, Testing Equipment, Surface Finishing Machines, Scientific Instruments, Calibrators Systems, Monitoring Systems, Analyzers, Weighing Scales, Flowmeters, Thermometers, Measurement Gauges

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Measuring Instruments & Equipment

A measuring instrument is a device to measure a physical quantity. In the physical sciences, quality assurance, and engineering, measurement is the activity of obtaining and comparing physical quantities of real-world objects and events.

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Testing Equipment

Materials testing machines come in a variety of different types and force capacities in order to perform specific types of testing. Despite this variety, all testing machines have a common set of features that enable them to test and adequately characterize materials, components, and finished products.

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Scientific Instruments & Devices

A scientific instrument is a device or tool used for scientific purposes, including the study of both natural phenomena and theoretical research.

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Calibrator & Monitoring Systems

In measurement technology and metrology, calibration is the comparison of measurement values delivered by a device under test with those of a calibration standard of known accuracy.

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Analyzer & Analytical Instruments

An analyzer or analyzer is a tool used to analyze data. For example, a gas analyzer tool is used to analyze gases. It examines the given data and tries to find patterns and relationships. An analyzer can be a piece of hardware or software.

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Weighing Scales & Measuring Tapes

A scale or balance is a device used to measure weight or mass. These are also known as mass scales, weight scales, mass balances, and weight balances. The traditional scale consists of two plates or bowls suspended at equal distances from a fulcrum.

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Flowmeter & Thermometers

Flow measurement is the quantification of bulk fluid movement. Flow can be measured using devices called flowmeters in various ways.

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